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Created with the permission of, the Safe Locations app was created by the producers of “The ZETAS TALK” to allow iphone users instant and ease of access and search to vital information regarding safe locations, along with a useful reference guide to safety and survival.

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Safe Locations 2012 is based on a dialogue with the Zetas on the Relative Safety of Locations around the World during and after the Pole Shift. Compiled over the course of 16 years, Safe Locations 2012 contains the most vital, up-to-date information of upcoming major geological impacts on continents, countries, regions, states, and cities around the world.

The Safe Locations 2012 app includes:


Essential information on topics such as:

- A step-by-step guide to how to determine a Safe Location around the world

- General Guidelines and Tips regarding safety various terrains

- Survival Preparation

- Financial Management

- Team Work

- Communication Devices

- Alternative Power Sources

- Home Gardening

- First Aid Kits

- Food Storage


Be able to search a location by typing in a name, or search by different categories such as:


- Cities/States

- Countries

- Regions

- Ratings (selected locations are rated 0-10; 0 = most dangerous, 10 = safest)

- Saved Locations (Save descriptions of any locations as a Favorite for easy reference)



Convenient access to websites related to Safe Locations:


- Safe Locations Facebook

(Connect with others on the Safe Locations 2012 Facebook page)


- The ZETAS TALK Documentary

(The story of Nancy Lieder and Zetatalk)


- Pole Shift Ning

(Information and discussion about the Earth changes and the pending Pole Shift)


- Pole Shift Prep

(A crash course in preparing for the Self-Reliant Homesteading to Survive the Pole Shift and its post-industrial Aftermath)


- Sea Level Map

(A color coded map based on elevation of locations around the world. Input 675 feet into the “Threshold” field to see if your location will be safe)


- Zetatalk Newsletter

(An archive of weekly newsletters about the unique Earth changes which are currently underway)


- The Zeta Report – Youtube

(Videos by Nancy Lieder regarding Zetatalk topics of Earth changes)


- Zetatalk

(The definitive souce of information from the Zetas started by Nancy Lieder in 1985 about the pending pole shift )



- Connect and post messages to the Safe Locations Facebook page

- Send feedback about the app

- Write a review